Call Tracking

Capitalize on sales leads that our experts help you identify.

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It all begins when you analyze what your prospective customer is calling for and then charting out how you can help as a business.

Our analysts are adept at helping you judiciously monitor phone calls; distinguishing between a lead and a wasted effort.


There has been a significant increase in the number of phone calls that businesses have received since 2013.

The increase in volume of queries generates the need for an improvement in call quality to ensure opportunities are not lost on a day-to-day basis.

Analyzing calls help determine if an opportunity exists, and goes beyond the traditional method of logging numbers, where you handle the caller to understand his or her interests, preferences, past queries to connect them with the right business offering, putting up the incidence of a sale.


Analyzing customer calls allow you to grade their interest based on conversations, and allow you to prepare a customer profile that enables better tackling during the following conversation.


Determine the intent of the caller so as to allocate the appropriate resources and efforts to convert a prospect into a lead or sale.

Grade current customer service standards and mark areas of training and improvement.

Get insights into which marketing collateral help conversion rates or encourage the phone call.

Identify missed opportunities to offer value where needed.